Best breast lift option? (Photos)

I am currently a 34dd with mild/ moderate sagging and big areolas what kind of lift do you suggest. I'm hoping to get a bellinie lift with a small implant, but also want great results and open to suggestions. I've seen scars around areolas that had a lot of gathering around them do to a lot of reduction of them and really don't want that so I don't mind if they are still on the bigger side.

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Best breast lift option

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I think a better option for yo is to have a lollipop lift with the implant. It will give you a better shape and less pleating around the areola

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It depends

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Good morning!Looking at your photos shows a mildly ptotic (droopy) breast with lack of upper pole fullness.  Depending upon the look you are looking for, an implant alone would help tremendously- but it may likely require a volume larger than what you are looking for.The Benelli (also known as round block or periareolar) lift is a great tool- but has limitations as far as amount of movement of the nipple and the ability to correct any lower pole excess.  When you see patients with poor results after a Benelli lift, it is almost always due to the surgeon trying to do too much lifting thru that approach.Please see a board certified surgeon with a  lot of experience in augmentation mastopexy that can show you lots of before and after photos of the various approaches to lifting that can give you a realistic expectation of what to expect with your particular body type.I hope this helps

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Breast lift with augmentation options

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Your best result will be with a vertical breast lift with a partially sub-muscular implant. The peri-areola right lift will, as said, yield a flattened areola with the potential for pleating. You should schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to be guided through your best option.Dr. Edwards

Breast lift and implant

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I think you are a good candidate for a lift with small implant. I would personally recommend a lollipop lift with small implant which I think gives a superior shape and better quality scars. The periaerola lift is the one that the tissues are gathered . The shape tends to flatten the breast and the scars are prone to stretch a little wide. Consult with plastic surgeons who do a lot of lifts. Good luck.

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