Please advise about my teeth what could be done to improve smile. I have overbite I hate and Botox for gummy smile. (photos)

I am returning to dentist as not satisfied with finals.There is a large gap at the back between 1of the crowns the gum and food gets stuck. My front 2teeth feel about 1-2mm too long and knock against my bottom teeth talking. My lat incisors look too small can this be corrected by further gum las/lift &making gum level with the front 2,plus less curved on the corners or wider. suggestions that may help me improve would help me so much please. Ps I have overbite. gummy smile I have Botox 2 help

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You do have a laundry list of problems and I don't disagree with your observation. Your laterals can be lengthened through a gum lift. I doubt it can be done with a laser. it will need to heal for several weeks before you can redo the restoration. You should discuss the contours of these teeth before you remove the current set of veneers. Botox may help make your upper lip less mobile but the over jet is a skeletal issue and you will need to consult an orthodontist about your options for correcting this problem. 

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