I see bottom heavy under eyes tightened and my lines around my mouth. (Photo)

What do you see needs to be done when u see this face... Also would a chin implant make every thing stretch and make it tighter around the mouth?

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Eyelid and chin implant options

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Eyelid surgery can improve the bags under the eyes and reshape the eyelids. A chin implant would help with the jaw line. Although, I would also consider a facelift to improve the overall shape of the face. 

Eyelid surgery and chin implant candidate

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 A full set of facial photographs are required to make a determination about being  a candidate for eyelid surgery  and a chin implant. Chin implants are three-dimensional structures,  so it is very difficult to give an opinion based on one frontal photograph. For more information about both procedures,  please see the video and the link low

Volume issues

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A look at your picture shows relative lack of volume in the upper mid-face compared to the lower facial tissues along the jaw line and the mouth (soft tissue volume has dropped down). Juvederm Voluma (reversible) filler in the maxillary area would elevate and augment the upper cheek. Filler placed in the chin might give you an idea of what an implant might do for you prior to having permanent implant surgery. My concern is that placing more volume in the lower face without first addressing the relative volume loss in the upper cheek would worsen the "bottom heavy" appearance. I would recommend filling "from the top down". 

You could have profound help with perioral fillers.

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Filler in the chin and the depressor anguli muscle will support the corner of the mouth so you do not look like you are frowning.  I personally have almost completely stopped placing chin implants because the hyaluronic acid fillers are so powerful.  I also think that at the time of your personal consultation a detailed examination my suggest other options for you including a lower face lift and periocular fillers.  The key is that less is more. You want service that make a difference.  That does not always mean surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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What needs to be done.

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I often tell my patients that in elective cosmetic
surgery nothing actually has to be done. When
findings concern you enough to consider an 
operation is time to consult with a board certified
plastic surgeon. Evaluation of a face with just a
frontal picture is not adequate but I can see lower
eyelids bags, mild festoons vs malar edema, facial
loss of volume with asymmetry. A lateral profile
picture will help assessing the chin concern. For
a board certified plastic surgeon in your area see
the link below.
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