What treatment do you prefer for acne/ wrinkles Retin-A micro gel .1%or Tazorac gel .1%? (photo)

I am 23 with thyroid issues that are in the process of being corrected naturally ,however I have hormonal acne because of it. Mostly on chin and jawline. I want something that will also prevent wrinkles and smooth skin :) Also wondering if I should consider the cream base ... However I break out easily which is why I asked for the gel . I will being paying cash for which ever one I choose ..around $240:( so I want to make the most informed decision. thank you !!

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Acne medications

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Both medications work well but I find that Tazorac is a little more drying. Gel formulations are more drying than creams. If you have dry skin to begin with you may want to start with a cream 0.05% at first.

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Cream over gel

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Everyone is different in regards to their preference. Creams are less drying than gel. Personally I would choose the Tazorac as it is more powerful than the Retin A. I would buy a high concentration, this way you can dilute the cream if you have irritation and then slowly work up to the higher concentration. Use 2-3 nights per week, lots of moisturiser before application and in between. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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