Do I need to seek immediate medical attention?

I did something very foolish and am filled with regret and pain. Just had a breast agmentation last week and got a massage. Now I am feeling soreness and burning pain in nipples. Advice please.

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Nipple pain after breast augmentation

Having pain in the nipples after breast augmentation can certainly be normal.  The nerve that goes from the ribcage up to your nipple is stretched at the time of the augmentation which can give sensations to the nipple such as pain, numbness, tingling, hot or cold, or a sensation of rough skin. It can be constant, or sporadic.  Laying on your stomach, and perhaps on your breasts, you likely pressed on the implant which in turn stretched the nerve some more.  I always give patients reassurance that these sensations will go away and the fact that they have these sensations, albeit uncomfortable for a while, means the nerve was not cut and they should expect normal sensation in time.

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Pain after massage

if your breasts look good and appear symmetrical you more likely than not didn't do any harm
You should visited your plastic surgeon for reassurance  anything bad should be visible your eye

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Do I need to seek immediate medical attention?

Probably no harm done but, given your symptoms and concerns, best to follow up with your plastic surgeon for meaningful assessment and (probable) reassurance. Best wishes. 

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Pain after massage one week after breast augmentation

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • We all make  mistakes - let's hope your mistake does not cause major problems.
  • Call your plastic surgeon, explain what has happened and arrange to be seen.
  • And - follow her/his instructions and avoid doing anything that will interfere with your healing!
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Hope you found this answer helpful. Best wishes.

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What is considered concerning after augmentation?

In the early post-op period as you are, the only real concerns that I have with my patients are changes in the breast itself from size to inflammation or wound issues.  Symptoms such as pain without changes in the breast usually dissipate on their own.  But always best to check with your surgeon if your surgeon is nearby.

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Burning nipples arter a breast qugmentation and a massage.

Your are in the early post operative period. The soreness and burning in your nipples in most likely self limited and should subside. Sensation to the breast can become more sensitive 1-2 weeks after surgery as the nerve function starts to return.

You should follow up with your surgeon for evaluation.


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Burning after breast augmentation

The best policy when you are having symptoms after surgery is to contact your surgeon. If you act quickly, you can often avoid complications.

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Massage After Breast Augmentation

Did you lay flat on your stomach? Were you in pain during the massage?

Check with your surgeon to see if you need to come in for an earlier examination. It is possible that the implants shifted, but unlikely that any long-term damage occurred. An in-person exam is necessary to determine this. Soreness is normal and the burning pain in the nipples is nerve pain, which is normal after breast augmentation as well.  

Best bet - get checked out, but it does not sound like an emergency.

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Likely just fine.

 Do not worry.  You are likely just fine.   If no bleeding occurred and it likely did not you are and will be fine.  Discuss self massage with your surgeon.    Always best to check all with the surgeon.  That is part of the service you pay for.   You will be fine.  My Best   Dr C

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Burning and soreness in the nipples after a massage 1 week post-op may not indicate serious trouble

Don't be too hard on yourself, the important thing is that your breasts are not injured and that your healing is on track.  To that end, I would suggest getting in touch with your surgeon so that he or she can take a quick look and reassure both of you that all is well.  Typically the kinds of things that would go wrong in this situation would involve bleeding around the implants, and that usually isn't subtle in that you would also have noticeable swelling and maybe bruising too, in addition to pain not just in the nipples, but in the entire breast or chest area.  The only way to tell if anything like that has happened though is with a good exam, and this is why it is important for you to call your surgeon.  But, what is done, is done, and there is no sense in beating yourself up now; just take care of yourself.  Good luck.

Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD
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