Botox ptosis fix with filler at the brow

Two attempts at a Botox fix for horiz'l forehead lines-- both resulted in unsightly ptosis. The first was done by a very experienced RN. The second by an experienced "Top Doc" convinced that the first failure was injector inexperience, maybe also b/c injection made too close to the brow. I was too wary to try Botox again then, but he did successfully 'fix' the first failure with an injection of filler at the brow line to 'lift' the brow with volume. Anyone else tried this? in CA? Looking for MD

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Falling brows!

Thanks for the great question. Getting correct brow position with botox can be tricky and I'm sorry you're going through this frustrating experience. If your brows do get dropped from botox, there are a couple of ways to try and bring them back up without having to wait for the botox to wear off. The first way is to put more botox in right at the brow. This will paralyze some of the muscle fibers which close the eye and will help to lift the brows a little. The other way is to put some filler under the brow as your MD did. This helps to re-support the brow a little and can "push" it back up a little. I hope this helps!

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Filler after Botox brow ptosis

Having ptosis is a miserable experience after Botox.  Some filler placed just under the lateral brow can help anchor the brow upward and give the eye a more open look.  If you are into make-up at all, the filler is placed in exactly the same location you would put a shimmer highlight to give the eye a more open appearance.   A youthful eye, of course, naturally has this forward projection that catches the light as it shines on the face.

Shelby Bentz, MD
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