What Would Cause Neuropathic Pain After Nose Revision Surgery?

I ended up with many complications because of a novice and aggressive surgeon. One being severe neuropathy all around nostril regions and tip (basically lower third of nose). I have seen since then top rhinoplasty surgeons, but seems no one can pin point why I have this. The surgeon also removed most of inferior turbinates. He also amputated "his words" scar tissue out of my tip and lowered my large ski slope tip by excising cartilage down to point i don't have much tip support.

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Neuropathic pain after rhinoplasty

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I am sorry to hear about this. I agree with previous opinions, and I do not think we clearly understand why the pain after aggressive surgery, especially after aggressive turbinate surgery.

I would suggest you consult with a sinus specialist, and a neurologist to see if management can be implemented to decrease your symptoms.




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