Can Neucrosis of the Belly Button Spread?

I am 3 weeks post-op of a tummy tuck. I have neucrosis of belly button. Over half was neucrotic with the rest looking very normal. I have been packing with gauze diligently. I am concerned because the normal part has now turned yellowish and neucrotic. Can this continue to spread? It seems to be spreading underneath the outside flap! Will it continue to spread out?

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Necrotic belly button

What you're describing does occasionally happen with a tummy tuck. The good news is it may slow down your overall healing but in the long term usually has no negative effect on your final result.  With most types of tummy tuck, an incision is made around the edge of the belly button separating it from the surrounding skin. As a result the only blood supply to the belly button after surgery comes from the stalk of the belly button.  If anything interferes with this blood supply such as too much tension pulling the belly button to the surface where it is sutured or a small hernia under the stalk, then part or all of the belly button skin can die.  The colour changes you describe are common and usually part of the skin scabbing and gradually healing.

If you get redness spreading into the surrounding skin or pus draining those are signs of infection and should be treated. Otherwise expect the belly button skin to gradually heal but it may take a month or so.

Follow up with your surgeon is important but hopefully this information will reassure you.

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