Does the tattoo need to be of a certain age before it can be removed with the Picoway laser?

I recently got a tattoo (about 3 months ago) and I'm thinking about getting it removed because I just don't like it on me. I want to know if a tattoo has to be of a certain age before it can be removed with the Picoway laser? Thank you!

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Age of tattoo

It is best to wait a few months to remove a tattoo.  When it is new it does not go away as readily or as well.  An older tattoo goes away better than a new tattoo.  If it is just placed, you should allow it to heal and this can take several weeks.  We usually recommend waiting around two months post placement to remove the tattoo

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How Soon Can I Begin Treatments

Thank you for your question. I will start performing laser tattoo removal as long as the tattoo is completely healed. My preference for removal is Pico technology lasers particularly the PiQo4 laser that utilizes 4 Pico wavelengths. I would recommend an in person consultation. 
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