Swelling in tip still there after 2 years, is there any solution? (Photo)

I am 2 years out of my primary rhinoplasty. My nose was deprojected and multiple grafts (spreader/tip/c_strut) were placed. I still experience a lot of (supra)tip swelling especially in the morning. I can see it and I can feel it. In the morning also my smile feels a bit tight. How can this be resolved? Furthermore in my opinion my nose tip is too round and bulbous. Before my nose was bigger, but more refined. Now it is smaller, but fat. How can I get my tip more refined?

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Thanks for your question. You do not have to worry. Based on your photo, your supra tip does not really show any significant problems. This means it is not necessary for you to redo your Rhinoplasty. However, if you really want your nose to be substantially changed, you may consider revised Rhinoplasty in order to remove fat from your tip.

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Swelling in tip 2 years after surgery

Thank you for your question.

It depends entirely what was done in your primary procedure. It sounds like the underlying cartilage grafts may be contributing to the swollen appearance.  It may be that a cephalic trim (if that was not done in the primary procedure) and the use of sutures to the tip area could make a difference to the tip appearance if these have not already been done.

Hope that helps.

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