Rhinoplasty - Swelling nose one side and crooked?

hello, I had 5.5 months back a revision rhinoplasty, I had a big nose and crooked. The doctor made him right and smaller but I have a very big nose and one side of my nose is very thick compared to other side making it appear crooked. I have a thick skin and me doctor always says I have to wait but I no longer trust that is why I would ask of you, is this normal and this will be good with time will the thick side also tight and sleek form get? and if the swelling subsides will be the side of smaller?

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Rhinoplasty - Swelling nose one side and crooked?

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Revision rhinoplasty swelling and thickness takes at least one and usually up to 2 years to really resolve. The swelling may reduce in one side before the other leading one to be concerned about the outcome early on. In time the swelling comes out of both sides but this requires patience. Hang in there!

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