Some questions on Ptosis repair surgery. (photos)

I think I have ptosis on my left eye. It doesn't really affect my vision, but I do feel some discomfort sometimes, and it gets worse when I'm tired. So I'm thinking about having the surgery in a few months, and I have some questions Is it worth it in my case? How long is the recovery (when will I be able to get back to work) How much pain should I expect during and after the surgery? Thank you for you answers in advance. :)

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There is very little discomfort associated with ptosis surgery.

Generally people take about 10 to 14 days off to recover from ptosis surgery but this does depend on precisely what you do for a living.  A personal consultation is needed to determine which of the ptosis surgeries would be appropriate for you.

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Ptosis correction

Hi Ray, Greetings from the UK! If you're bothered by the ptosis cosmetically and it intermittently becomes functional problem so much so that you'd be prepared to write about it on a worldwide forum then yes absolutely surgery is worth it. The question in the end though is whether ptosis surgery can offer the degree of predictability that you need for you to be happy. Ptosis correction surgery regardless of technique does come with it a degree of unpredictability. When you're dealing with tiny degrees of asymmetry in mild ptosis cases, for a patient to be 100% happy the eyelids need to be bang on absolutely symmetrical post op and so it's always important that both the patient is realistic about his expectations and that the surgeon is honest about the prognosis for this result. In terms of swelling though it's usually not that bad. Expect a bit of swelling for the first week or so with some minimal discomfort. Most of my patients are off work for 5-7 days only and use their drops for 5-7 days post op too. Good luck. Best wishes David

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