Question about laser after fat transfer.

Ok, so i've decided i want to do a fractiocal co2 laser treatment for my acne scars. My main worry is the fat transfer i did 8 years ago (also on my acne scarring, which didn't worked at all). I don't know if the fat is still there or not, but does the fat transfer affect the possible results that i get from the lasertreatment? Does the fat (or possible scartissue from the fat transfer) affect the collagen what is needed after the laser?

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CO2 for acne scars

The laser will only penetrate into the dermis (the bottom layer of skin).  The fat, both native and transplanted, is below this so there is no need to be concerned. The CO2 laser will stimulate your collagen and soften the look of your scars. These days we accept laser as the gold standard for the treatment of scars so you have chosen well. Depending on your scars sometimes certain fillers or subcision (releasing tethering beneath the scar) can be combined with laser. It is important to have this treatment performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon experienced in this area given the power of this laser. Good luck

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