Is a popping vein always a varicose vein?

Pain on front of left leg since december. Feels like large bruise. At the site a vein can been seen popping out after showering, in the sun, when standing. Had vnus closure in february for upper leg. Didnt help. Had sclerotherapy in april. Seemed to help but then didnt. Pain is still there. On and off. Docter did several duplex scans says vein is not varicose. Can a popping vein not be varicose? And how do I get rid of the pain? Its left lower leg. On the left side of the leg. Near shin.

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What you may be describing is a reticular vein which is smaller than a varicose vein but larger then spider veins.  Treatments for this would be sclerotherapy or removal via tiny micro incisions. However, this type of vein would not explain your pain.  Your pain may not be related to your veins.  Follow up with your physician or get another opinion.

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