Should I go over the muscle or under for my asymmetric Breasts ? (photos)

i had my firt BA/LIFT when i turned 18.under the muscle and right from the start my right breast appeared much higher than the left one. IT DIDN'T DROP my right implant stayed the same left implant did drop but too much it's not even in the right place i had surgery 6 months later and under the muscle.and it stayed exactly the same. i wanted to know if going under the muscle is the way to go? i'm also considering going with bigger implants?also when can i start going to the gym

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Over vs under

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Thank you for your question. I have found in my experience there are few reasons to place the implants on top of the muscle. In the short run over the muscle is quicker and less painful, but the long term potential problems (rippling, contactures, obvious augmented look) are increased. In viewing your photographs I see a few issues that should be addressed. Your inframammary folds are different and that needs to be corrected. You have "too much" lower breast skin which needs to be addressed as well. You may already be "too big" for the above issues. Your case requires an experienced plastic surgeon. Good luck!!

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