Three months post-op full TT with a hematoma. Will this ever heal on its own? (Photo)

As you can see from my photo, I am dealing with a hematoma which began 2 weeks after surgery. After several aspirations, it is still present. I've has 2 ultrasounds and to me the improvement is very minimal. Really concerned that I will never get the results I paid for. Any similar experiences with your patients? It's making me quite depressed now.

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Two months post-op full TT with a hematoma ? will it ever resolve?

Hi Smart Mom,

Many thanks for the question. No need to be depressed the way you seem to be. All plastic surgeons have faced this. It’s more a seroma than a haematoma. Seroma is collection of serum part of blood, some blood and some tumescent fluid that is injected into you before surgery. I will list the causes of this before I tell you the options to what can be done.

1. Seroma are more prone to occur with Lipo abdominoplasty.That means when TT is combined with Liposuction.

2. When a large than 3 mm canula is used for liposuction the chances of seroma are greater.

3 .This is more common if the patient undergoes this surgery after significant weight loss without informing his surgeon,

4.Such seroma keeps filling when its repeated drained.

5. An epithelial lining forms all around this cavity which needs to be excised surgically and the cavity is closed by quilting stitches so the space is closed for good.

6 .Finally the healing will end into fibrosis and hardening of the lower abdomen that will be treated by injections of Kenalog ( Trimcenolan) by some PS.

I wish you good luck

Persistent collection

I am really sorry you have experienced this post-op complication, as your result otherwise looks good.

The collection will make you more swollen for quite some time, so it is early days yet. If repeated aspirations do not do the trick, your surgeon will most probably offer to take you back to theatres to re-do the area, with a nice result.

This happens sometimes, due to no fault if your surgeon or yourself. I have had one patient who had a persistent collection, which only settled after re-operation, with a lovely result.

Best of luck

Barbara Jemec, MD, FRCS(Plast)
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Three months post-op full TT with a hematoma. Will this ever heal on its own?

Its looks like you have a seroma after your tummy tuck. This is not uncommon and the treatment at this stage is aspirations. I would suggest that you continue with your abdominal compression garment to reduce the seroma formation. Most of these will settle with repeated aspirations.

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