What are the main signs of aging in my face and what is the best treatment for each? (Photo)

Age: 24. I used to overdo sun, I have also had some health problems. I feel that some signs of aging in my face have crept in, they are most visible when smiling. Thing I observe and treatment ideas: 1. Crow's feet: botox and laser resurfacing 2. Skin pigmentation unevenness: laser resurfacing 3. Nasolabial folds: filler and laser resurfacing, are they so bad they need filler? Am I missing any important aspect of visual aging in my face, and am I missing any treatment options, in this list?

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You are wise to be asking these questions at your age. Some of the issues you identified can be addressed with simple laser treatments to reduce appearance of brown sun damaged pigment. Three intense pulse light treatment 4-6 weeks apart plus corrective lightening agents like hydroquinone 4% ( used in Fall and Winter ideally for no more than 4 months) could even your skin tone. Neurotoxins like Botox or Xeomin every 3-4 months can relax the expression lines and reduce the likelihood of deep wrinkles ( between your brows and crow's feet, for example).  At 24, it is unlikely that you have lost volume in your face that accompanies aging in your next decades of life. However, a good injector can modify nasolabial and marionette lines with fillers to lessen the deep lines that bother you. Practicing good skin care at home with the right cleanser, routine exfoliation, serums and retinol ( start at .25%) creams can keep your skin healthy and youthful looking.

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