If I were to get a lip augmentation and, for one reason or the other, someone decks me in the face, what would happen?

Would the augmentation still be okay and not disfigured or something?

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Trauma to lip augmentation (or other dermal filler)

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Once dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, etc.) are injected into the lips or other parts of the face, like the cheeks or nasolabial folds, they integrate with your own tissues.  This happens within minutes.After the filler integrates with your own tissues, it will not move.  If you were to be punched in the face or sustain other trauma to the area, the filler should not appear any different or look disfigured.  Bruising or swelling in the area may effect the appearance, but this should resolve over time.In general, there is minimal to no risk of dermal fillers "moving" after injection.

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