Lateral canthoplasty and epicanthoplasty to fix asymmetrical eyes and get cat eyes? (Photo)

My eyes' inner corners are asymmetrical, which i would like fix. There are also kind of small and brown- I find them very boring. I have a picture of them here below, a picture of how i would like them to be (photoshopped) and a picture that i found online, showing a surgery that i would like (but cant find anything exactly like it, except for the one pic)

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You have the wrong idea about these surgeries.

Lateral canthoplasty can move the position of the lateral canthal angle but it is exceedingly easy to make this look wrong.  Lateral canthoplasty is much more a canthal ligament tightening surgery to help support the normal position of the lower eyelid.  Surgeons who try to make it something it is not, do so to the detriment of their patients.  In South Korea, lateral canthoplasty also mean a type of surgery intended to make the lateral half of the eye look more open by advancing the mucosal lining of the eyelid out onto the skin.  I have never seen a successful version of this surgery.  These procedures are ill conceived.  Please be careful what you look for.

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Lateral canthoplasty and epicanthoplasty

Best to obtain personal consultation with an oculpolastic surgeon for specialized complicated issue you are describing. See following link for some information.

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