Indented scar on the tip of my nose and deep pigmentation under/in the scar? (Photos)

I had one pigmentationspot on the tip of my nose and one slightly above it. But the one on the tip was a bit raised. I had it removed by a professional with incision and did some laser treatment afterwards. It helped to lighten it up a little. But now it's back to how it used to be and now I also got a indentation on the tip of my nose, WITH the pigmentation still deep into my skin. I've tried a lot of home and professional treatments. Is there anything that could help me! Don't know what to do.

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Dark Spot Treatment with Fillers

I suggest you see a professional dermatological surgeon to discuss the best and safest treatment plan for you. Dark spots can be treated with lasers and fillers such as Bellafill may help flatten out the indentation. 

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