I had a lip filler 2 days ago, and now there's a transparent spot on one side, the same color of my skin. Will this go away?

Two days ago i had a lip filler hyaluronic restylane in my upperlip. On 1 side of the lip i have a transparant spot that has the same color of my skin.

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LIp filler and spot

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Restylane is a great filler for the lip area.  If there is a spot that has appeared I suggest you return to your treating physician.  If there is a lump from the filler it can be dissolved with Vitrase easily in the office. 

Spot on lip after Restylane

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What you are describing sounds either like a bump from the injection, or more likely, a herpetic outbreak on the lip. Consult your physician for proper diagnosis and meds if it is herpes.

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