I didn’t get tampons in my nose. Did this cause a dent and do I need a revision? Can another surgeon give me a radix? (Photo)

4 months ago I had rhinoplasty and I'm unsatisfied with the result. My main goal was to get a nice curved radix, which the surgeon said he could only try because the bones on the base of my nose are very hard. After my surgery, a couple of things bother me: - My nosetip is slightly offset to my right - I still have a small bump high on the nose bridge - There is now a dent on the left side of my nose (frontal view), which looks kind of strange - No radix at all

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Yes, Revision Rhinoplasty for Radix

I think that you would certainly benefit from a revision rhinoplasty operation.  You still have a high radix and an obtuse nasofrontal angle (angle between the nose and the forehead). While it is not always easy to reduce the radix, it can be done with a rasp, osteotome or power instrument. Ideally the feminine nasofrontal angle should measure about 120 degrees and the "take off point" of the nose (on the profile) should begin somewhere between the upper lid crease and the lashes. After reducing the radix, osteotomies will be needed to narrow the nasal bones and create a more pleasing look to the nose on frontal view.  It also appears that the right upper lateral cartilage is separated from the nasal bone on the same side, resulting in a mid-nose shadow or indent. The small depression on the left upper aspect of the nose appears to be related to a previous osteotomy. This can be corrected by placing a small crushed cartilage or soft tissue graft under the skin. I suggest you find a surgeon with at least 10 years experience that has a proven track record in revision rhinoplasty cases. Best Wishes.

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Revision rhinoplasty and nasal packing

Dear Visah,

  • Placing tampons in the nose did not affect your results
  • It looks like you need a little more bone removed from the radix to get the look you want
  • That bump can also be removed and the tip straightened, but it would take another surgery
  • Please see a revision rhinoplasty expert as these cases are more difficult that primary rhinoplasty

Best regards,
Nima Shemirani

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