Can an elbow to the nose affect my 6 months post op septorhinoplasty?

Yesterday i got hit on the nose with an elbow. I felt pain for a little while. It looks fine now except for some swelling but today my nose feels weird. I'm constantly aware of my nose instead of not noticing it and it's a little tender to the touch. Could this have affected my rhinoplasty results? It's not common to visit your surgeon for little things like this in my country...

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Elbow to the nose

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It sounds unlikely that you broke your nose.  It is possible you are simply experiencing swelling from the trauma. This should resolve on its own.  However, if you do not notice improvement with time, I recommend you contact your surgeon.  

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Hit to nose post Septorhinoplasty

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My guess is that you are aware of your nose because it is a bit swollen and because you are worried. Give yourself a few days to recover. It the swelling doesn't subside then yes, see your surgeon. But my guess is that all will be fine.


Kouros Azar

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