Darker laugh lines (Photo)

Hi to everyone reading this. I've been dealing with darker laugh lines since I was 13, something like that (I'm 22 now). They're almost black. I do bite the insides of my mouth on the left and right side, where the laugh lines are when I'm nervous. Maybe that causes the skin there to be darker, but I don't understand how it vould get like this because of that. I've never been to the doctor for this, nor have I used anything to cure it. I ALWAYS wear make up. Can anyone please help me!

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Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

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Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is darkening of the skin in response to an injury. Injury could be from trauma, or even treatments to the area such as laser treatments. In the case of your laugh lines being darker, it could be due to biting the inside of the mouth. Here are my suggestions: 

1. Stop this habit before it progresses to more deformities. 

2. Consult a physician familiar with skin of color, to prescribe brightening topicals. 

Progress and improvement will be slow in the order of 2-6 months. The sooner you start the earlier you will see resolution of your condition

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