Butt implants and childbirth. Is there a chance the implants can shift during childbirth?

I got buttimplants 7 years ago. the pocket on the left side was ruptured so i can feel part of the implant sticking out under my skin. I didnt have the money to correct this. Now i am pregnant and im extremely worried that the left implant (pocket) can rupture entirely during childbirth. I asked My docter but he doesnt know the answer . But in holland where i live is not much experience with this procedure. I really hope i can have an expert opinion on this matter. Thanks in avances.

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Implant malposition

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It is very possible that you ruptured one of your layers that was repaired during your buttocks implant augmentation; We utilize 4 layers of closure in order to avoid implant infection or extrusion; If you feel that your implant is out of its pocket, you will require repositioning and repair of one or more of these layers.

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Butt implants

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Thank you for your question. 

A ruptured pocket can lead to dislocation of buttock implants, but I do not think childbirth would necessarily need to an escalation of the problem. I think you should get it corrected at some stage though, because it tends to worsen with time if not adressed,

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