Before skin surgery is it best to be as small as possible without muscle bulk or to have muscles with as little fat as possible?

I have heard that before surgery like bodylift/thighlift/tummytuck, it is best to be as lean as possible, so it can be pulled as tightly as possible. Is this true, and how does that relate to muscle gains? I lost 100lbs and am starting on building muscle. But building muscle will add mass/bulk, so when i will eventually get my skin surgeries done, will this not work against the "be as small as possible" maxim? Would it be better to start building muscle only AFTER skin surgery?

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Building muscle before body lift

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It is always best to be at your ideal weight before any body contouring procedure.  Further, it is always best to be in the best shape possible prior to any body contouring procedure.  Having stronger muscles and more definition can only optimize your results.   Best wishes as you continue your weight loss journey!

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