How can I achieve this edit? (Photo)

Hi, I edited my face with photo editing software, and would like to achieve the results of my editing in real life. What I did: Remove under eye hollowness, even out skin pigmentation, smooth out what I think are mild nasolabial folds(are they?), smooth out marionette lines, smooth out glabella, thicken neck. To achieve this: Tear trough filler Nasolabial fold filler Glabella area botox Marionette line filler Laser resurfacing Neck weight training Realistic? Any feedback or things I am missing?

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You are correct in some of your suggestions but you will need a full assessment by your dermatologist in person.

generally the glabellart lines are treated with botox and the nasolabial folds are addressed first through cheek fillers which in turn can improve the tear trough to some degree. Subsequent to that some filler may need to be injected in the tear trough and in some cases the nasolabial fold too.

laser resurfacing (not necessarily ablative) can be used for the tone and I like the fractional radiofrequency for the neck.

Hope the above helps!

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