Will a 10 lb weight loss make much of a difference before my Tummy Tuck and lipo on arms, back, and flanks? (photos)

I'm 5ft 3.5 and I weigh 153 lbs . Can't seem to shift the last 10 lbs !! I have my TT and lipo (arms back and flanks) booked for 7 th oct . That's 15 days away . Would you recommend a strict diet to try to lose as much up until the surgery . Or am I better to eat moderately and concentrate on maintaining ? I know 153 is too heavy at my height but I had read that a 10 -14 lb loss post surgery shouldn't make a difference .

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Weight loss before tummy tuck

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If you are unable to lose the weight before surgery you should still have a good result. The more weight you can lose however before surgery, the better the result. You can always lose some weight after surgery however it must be done gradually so you don't end up having loose skin.

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Post surgical weight loss

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Each surgeon will guide patients according to his or her own protocols. A patient should be at or near his or her long term stable weight to ensure the best possible results. 10 to 14 pounds post surgery should not impact the results. Consult with your surgeon as he or she know the specifics of the surgery and about you.

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Weight loss and Tummy Tuck

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Although I would never discourage a patient from losing weight, a 10 pound loss will probably not make much of a difference in the surgery or the outcome. You can always lose the 10 pounds after surgery and continue to improve your result. If a patient really needs to lose 25 pounds or more then it makes sense to get a little closer to the goal weight before surgery. Also if there are any medical issues such as smoking then the surgery should be put off until there is the best chance for healing and a good result...

G. Wesley Price, MD
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Weight loss before or after surgery

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It is definitely beneficial to lose weight prior to undergoing the surgery, even if it is only 10 pounds.  I always recommend patients to lose as much weight as they can before having the operation, with the hope that they will continue to lose weight after the operation.  If you were to actually see how much fat makes up 10 pounds, you would be impressed and realized that it does make a difference.  If you are unable to lose the weight prior to the surgery, the surgery can still be done, but you will not get as good of a result as you would have gotten if you lost the weight before the operation.  If after the surgery, you go on to lose an additional 10 or 15 pounds, it will not significantly interfere with the results.  However if you lose greater than that amount, it could compromise the results.

Brent Birely, MD
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Will a 10 lb weight loss make much of a difference before my Tummy Tuck and lipo on arms, back, and flanks?

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Always best to get as close as possible to your long-term stable weight prior to proceeding. However, within 10 pounds, it is likely that you will will end up with a very nice outcome;  a postoperative 10 pound weight loss is not likely to cause significant changes. Best wishes for safe/successful surgery that you will be very pleased with.

Weight change prior or after to tummy tuck surgery

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Thanks for your photos and question.

Congratulations on moving forward with plastic surgery!

Around the time of surgery, you should avoid any serious dieting. I encourage my patients to eat healthy, eat a little more protein after surgery to help with healing, and avoid any serious diets.

After surgery, an additional 10 pound weight loss should help enhance your result. Now, if you were to say you wanted to lose 25 pounds or more, my suggestion would be to lose the weight before surgery.

I hope this helps.

- Dr. Bryson G. Richards, MD

Should I lose weight before surgery

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Check with your surgeon and explain the exercise and eating plan  you have in mind. You should be able to lose 2 pounds a week. Every little bit helps.

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