I'm Nervous About the Wide Space in Between my Breasts. My Previous Surgeon Did Not Seem to Understand That I Was Concerned.

I go to see a different surgeon this September. I am very tiny, 5'1,and I weigh 107lbs. My biggest desire in an implant is cleavage, but I've been told I won't have much at all. My desired size is only a 300cc, but I don't want to look awkward and not have the fullness I desire. I was also told I have significant bilateral grate 1to 2 pitosis. My base of my breasts measure 10.5 cm. I just need some advice.. I know I can't change my anatomy for closer breasts, but will a lift help?

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Achieving cleavage with breast surgery

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It is difficult to offer much advice without photos. In general, breast implants of the optimal base width that are centered behind the nipple can often improve cleavage. However, there are often limitations to how much cleavage can be created by your chest wall anatomy and nipple positioning. If you have significant breast ptosis, then having a breast lift procedure will also improve your natural cleavage. Communication is extremely important with your surgeon. Continue having consultations until you find a surgeon with whom you are comfortable and confident.

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You should relay your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

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Hi, there.  It is hard to give you a recommendation without direct examination and photos. From your measurement and weight/height, you are petite.  As you know, breast augmentation is meant to enhance what you currently have.  Breast implant will give you a fuller breasts.  The gap/space between breasts is determined by how wide your sternum (breast plate) is.  If you have a wide sternum, the gap will be wide.  If you have a narrow sternum, the gap will be narrow and your will have a better cleavage.  You want to discuss with your plastic surgeon your concerns and your desired look prior to surgery.  Please show some photos of women that you like and ask him/her if your desired look is achievable.  Good luck to you.

Breast augmentation

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You need to understand something, this is an augmentation, usually your breast shape is going to be the same, but bigger, if you're unhappy because of your breast shape, then probably you also need a breast lift, and we need to put more incisions in other to achieve a better shape, or the shape you desire.


Now, this was something that you and your doctor should talk about BEFORE your surgery.  I mean if your nipples were pointing to the sides, the breast augmentation will never make them point to the center, it is not the surgery objective, the mean objective is to do an augmentation.

I'm Nervous About the Wide Space in Between my Breasts.

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It's awfully hard to give you a useful answer without photos, so please consider attaching some. 

I am guessing that your surgeon feels that an enlargement alone may leave you with the unsatisfactory appearance of you native breast tissue draping off the implants, and if I am correct, then the lift will help avoid that. The lift will not give you more cleavage.

To look decent, the implants must be centered on the breast and the nipple and areola. Implants will not move the breasts closer together if they are far apart. Cleavage is not a normal appearance. As I write this response at the side my page are photos of before and after BA patients from surgeons in my area. All have excellent results, none have cleavage. 

If your surgeon doesn't understand your motivations, you are correct to seek another opinion. Thanks your your question, best wishes.

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