Very Nervous! I'm 8 Days Post Op, and I Have Some Pinkish Coloring Under my Left Breast.

I wasn't feeling much pain, but my left breast is very tender on the side by my armpit. I have 355cc in my left and 375cc in my right. I have an inframory incision under the muscle. It seems to be healing completely different from my right breast. I saw my ps on Thursday and he told me it looked like dilated blood vessels. I have another apt on tue, but I want to know if that is to far away? Could it be an infection? I'm super paranoid!

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Infra-mammary discoloration

It is possible for the breasts to heal differently and for one side to be more tender than the other. Continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Without an examination, it is impossible to give you more specific advice.

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Does pink color mean infection?

I can appreciate your concern, but without an examination there is no way to offer you advice.  If the pink color or the tenderness increase, or if you start running a fever call your PS right away. 

Andrew Stewart, MD
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Pinkish Coloring Under my Left Breast

Seeing your surgeon is the best approach. Neither redness nor tenderness is uncommon, and usually do not mean infection. But there is no way that I can give your reassurance without an in person exam, and your surgeon can do that.

Thank you and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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