Nerve Pain/Muscle Spasm/Pain and Tightness in Shoulder and Under Shoulder Blade 11 Mo After Surgery. Is This Permanent Damage?

11 mo ago, silicone under muscle, left 175cc/right225. Having problems since day one on right side. Pain, tightness in breast muscle, shoulder/blade, spasms, nerve pain. I had saline for 10 years on top of muscle with no problems. What could this be caused from and is it safe to remove and go back on top again?

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Shoulder numbness and pain down the arm after re-do smaller under the muscle.

I had a patient with exactly that same complaint! It turned out she had a cervical syringomyelia (a tear inside the spinal cord) from a violent rear-ender auto accident many years before. There are no nerves in the breast that can refer down the arm but muscle spasm can spread once it gets started. Time to see the neurologist.   Dr Foster

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