What is Nerve Damage and What Does It Look Like?

i have loose and pitted skin down my arms.I am starting to feel weak in the muscles under my arms. This has happened since my breast reconstruction. also my trunk seems to be affected as well. Could this nerve damage?

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Loose pitted skin after breast reconstruction

Lymphedema is somethiong that can happen after mastectomy especially if lymph nodes are taken out during the procedure.  This is something you should go over with your breast surgeon as well as your plastic surgeon. Sometiems compression garments help, but you should be evaluated first.

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Nerve damage after reconstruction

Laurel, this does not sound like nerve damage but could be some lymphedema, especially with the pitting that you describe. That may be more related to your mastectomy. I would\ discuss this with your plastic surgeon since you are obviously concerned. It may be something that responds to something as simple as compression therapy. Good Luck, Dr.\ Schuster in Boca raton.

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Loose Pitted Skin after Breast Reconstuction

Loose pitted skin is unrelated to nerve damage and is usually caused by swelling.  Speak to your doctor about it, as he may be able to provide you with excersizes or a compression garment which might be helpful

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