Nerve Damage from Arm Lipo 3.5 Years Later?

Hi. I had liposuction in my arms a few years ago (Feb 2009) and the back of my arms still hurt to the touch. Some days its ago but others even the lightest graze is agonizing. I know now that after so many years this cant be normal but what can I do to fix this? I didnt go back to the surgeon who performed the lipo because honestly I was scared ( I woke up during surgery screaming in pain and felt very unsupported to say the least). What should I do?

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Nerve Damage from Arm Lipo 3.5 Years Later?

  After 3.5 years after liposuction, this issue can probably only be managed by a pain specialist.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Nerve pain after liposuction of arms

I'm so sorry for your experience both during your surgery and after.  Nerves can be damaged during liposuction.  Typically they heal within a year.  The process can be slow, but if you are still having symptoms 3+ years later, this may be permanent.  The most common nerve symptom after liposuction is areas of numbness, but it is not unheard of to experience the pain you describe.  There's not much at all to do for numbness, but you may be able to try a medication for your nerve pain.  I would recommend starting with your general practitioner.  He or she may recommend consultation with a neurologist or prescribe a medication that may be helpful.

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Nerve Damage from Arm Lipo 3.5 Years Later?

It is unlikely that anything can be done to fix this, but there should be some help available to deal with the symptoms. A visit to a pain specialist or a neurologist is in order. 

Thanks for your question, sorry for your problems. Best wishes.

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