Nerve Damage After Mentalis Resuspension?

Surgeon cut tiny branch of nerve - said would have permanent numbness on section of lip. Numbness one inch on mid lip+labiomental fold+ incisor numb. Do I allow surgeon try repair ( he could not do it time as 'couldn't see other end') or should I see a top microneurosurgeon? Is time a factor to consider? I know 3 months(when had op) is not long but I do heal fast and the rest of lip, had the normal 'tingly healing numbness' - unlike this one specific area which definitely feels very different

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Secondary Mental Nerve Repair

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The reality is that finding any branches of the mental nerve after the initial surgery is going ot be virtually impossible at this point. If the end could not be found during the initial surgery, it will never be found now due to scar. The more relevant question is what is meant by a 'tiny branch of the nerve'. Is this the main trunk as it comes out of the bone or just one of the terminal branches. Knowing that information determines whether any effort at mentalis muscle repair is worthwhile. Only if the main trunk of the nerve has been severed is secondary nerve repair worthwhile. as that large end could likely be found.

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