Nerve Ending Complications/prolonged Healing After Total Fx Laser Treatment(2 Weeks)

I had a deep treatment of total fx laser on my cheeks 11 days ago. Swelled for a few days. 6 days in became more uncomfortable with severe nerve irritations/reactions. My skins's surface looks good, but feels like swelling/bruised under cheekbones with strange tingling, fuzzy sensations. Right ear is plugged with a numbing sensation down edge of cheek to chin. Is this just due to nerves mending and being frazzled? Need some reassurance PLEASE!

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Go See Your Doctor

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This is not a normal response to your treatment.  You should see your doctor so he/she can evaluate if there is any evidence of infection, such as from a cold sore virus or bacteria.  The fact that your skin looks good is a very good sign, but nerve sensations has not been typical in my experience, especially the numbing down from your ear.

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