Would extraction of upper first premolars for braces cause problems with my bite in the future?

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Will Extraction of Upper First Premolars for Braces Cause Problems With the Bite?

Extracting upper bicuspid teeth in order to fix an excessive overjet is one way to treat your malocclusion but definitely not the best way. ALMOST ALWAYS, an excessive overjet is caused by a retruded lower jaw NOT by a protruded upper jaw. Therefore, if you extract upper teeth and pull the upper front teeth back you are attempting to match the upper jaw to the retruded lower jaw; now both jaws are in the wrong place. 

The consequences of this type of treatment are: a possible TMJ problem, a probable airway problem, a long narrow face, narrow smile, decrease in upper lip volume (small lips), nose will appear large, compromised facial profile (arrowhead face), and you have two fewer teeth.

A much better way to treat your excessive overjet is to move your lower jaw forward. This is done either surgically or by using simple appliances that are comfortable and easy to wear.

Good luck!

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