Skinny body but fat chubby face?

I was a skinny person since childhood. Two years ago I gained some weight but now I'm back to my desired weight. I am skinny but my face looks very chubby. I have round face as well. This chubiness is adding age to my face although I'm only 21. What can I do to lose the fat from my face? Do facial exercises really work or surgery is the only option? Surgery is not quite affordable for me now so if there are any other options I would really appreciate it.

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Skinny body but fat chubby face? = buccal fat reduction surgery might be an option #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval #buccalfatexcisi

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Patients with chubby cheeks, could benefit from buccal fat removal if the chubbiness is located in the LOWER anterior portion of the cheeks.

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