Neosubpectoral Best Repair for Symmastia?

In the opinion of the cosmetic surgeons who look at this site I was wondering what their opinion is of this method of repair? Is it the best for symmastia repair? Also looking for a surgeon in VA/MD/DC who has a lot of experience with synmastia repair. Thank you.

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I am in the Washington Metropolitan area. I do not know that there are a lot of surgeons anywhere that can say they have a lot of experience with symmastia. I think a neo subpectoral pocket is a good way to redefine the medial aspect of the pocket to address the problem. Consult with a surgeon and let he or she evaluate you and most important be sure you are comfortable with the surgeon but, also their recommendations,

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Symmastia repair

Symmastia repair is very difficult, and there really is no one specific person that I could recommend for the procedure in your area.  Michael Brown is a friend who is a good surgeon in Virginia and may be able to help you out.

Steven Wallach, MD
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This is an excellent method to repair synmastia. However, other interventions, including sewing closed the pocket are essential to achieve a long term successful outcome. Dr. Spear at Georgetown University Hospital performs many breast revisions

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Treatment for synmastia or symmastia

Synmastia or symmastia after breast augmentation - breast implant placement is a condition where the breasts meet across the chest midline with migration of one or both implants so they touch across the midline. Patients who have had multiple breast operations especially if done only to place sequentially larger implants, excessively large breast implants with large base diameters, or overaggressive surgical dissection across the midline are susceptible to developing synmastia.

It can also happen if too large an implant is placed so that the inner sides of the implants touch. In subtle cases you can only see the synmastia when you push on the implants but not when the patient just stands upright. This can occur with the implants above or below the muscle but appears to be more common when they are below the muscle.

The treatment is suturing the capsule near the midline to itself do that the implant pocket no longer extends as far towards the midline and or placement of acellular dermal grafts at the inner edges of the breasts. If the patient has very large implants above the muscle this can also be treated by replacing them with smaller implants under the muscle.

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Neosubpectoral pocket for synmastia repair

This technique for repair of synmastia can be a powerful tool. The plastic surgeon (note that you should see a board-certified plastic surgeon and not a "cosmetic" surgeon) you chose to care for you should have this in their choice of options in the operating room but depending on what they find, they will make the best decision for what is right for you. You are wise to be aware of the options but you will be best served by meeting with a plastic surgeon or more, allowing them to examine you and then discussing your options.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Edwards

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