Can large, clogged nose pores cause a physical size change for the nose itself?

I have pores on my nose, they definitely look clogged; they're also quite large, and --unfortunately -- I lacked the discipline to care for my face. My first question is this; since my nose has large, clogged pores and is exceptionally oily.. can this make the surrounding area of the nose (nose included, especially tip) swollen and/or inflamed? Question two: How do I treat my crudely clogged pores and oily nose? Monday June 27 will be my 1st Accutane dose for my peristant acne, too. FYI.

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I would wait until after you've been on the Accutane for a few weeks to see how your nose reacts. It is often drying and may shrink the pores and eliminate some of the debris. Many of the topical cleansers and pore reducing topical's are drying and if you begin a regime of those products you might overdo it until you see the effect of the Accutane. I would also consider, at some point a treatment known as Isolaz, a device which uses suction to extract debris from the pores and then uses a light source to treat them. You would need to ask your board-certified dermatologist about all of these suggestions. Dr. Adrienne Stewart M.D. FAAD

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