What Needs to Be Done to Get This Look? (photo)

I had a BA and BL March 2011 now im having revision for lateral displacement i have no fullness no cleavage. I have 480cc saline unders moderate profile smooth natrelle implants. I want the fake full upper pole look..what should I choose this time to get this look? Since I dont even look like i have 480cc do you think i could handle 700cc? If my doctor has to already use different implants for the revision shouldnt i be able to get bigger without cost? also How much is twilight sedation?

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What Needs to Be Done to Get This Look?

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 I certainly see the reason that you are seeking a revision surgery. That said, it might be possible to get the look you show by wearing the right push up bra. 

Before considering a larger implant, try a push up bra  and see if the size isn't already satisfactory. Part of the problem as I see it is the lateral displacement that may be unavoidable if the implants chosen are too large. There is a limit to how centrally positioned sub-pectoral implants can be placed without a real risk of "symmastia" where the breasts seem joined together in the mid-line. 


As far as pricing, check with your surgeon. The implant cost does not vary with price. The anesthesia fee varies from area to area and depends upon the length of the surgery. 


Thanks for your question, and for the photos attached. Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Achieving Goals

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Thank you for posting your photos.  The photos you have posted for the look you are trying to achieve have push up bras/bikinis.  Given your skin quality, it may not be possible to obtain this upper pole fullness.   There are limitations on what can be achieved given your anatomy, skin quality, and medical history (for instance if you've lost weight or breast volume).   Please talk to your plastic surgeon who has evaluated you to see what can be reasonably achieved.  Best of luck.

Large Implants Cause Problems Other Than Fake Look

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I think you could be setting yourself up for a lot more problems than just the "fake look" if you have 700cc implants placed.  Your 480cc implants are probably stretching the envelope.  This very large implants are prone to shift into unbecoming positions and to bottom out in addition to other problems.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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