Needle Used with Fraxel to Break Up Acne Scar Tissue?

I recently had my third fraxel treatment, the doctor used a needle to break up the acne scar tissue on the deep scars after the treatment. Is this normal? has anyone ever experienced this before? Does it work? Also how long does it take Hyper pigmentation to fade?

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Subcision and Fraxel

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Fraxel works well for some pigmentation problems and acne scars. Subcision with a needle is a great treatment for some scars. The combination makes theoretical sense. Pigmentation could take many treatments witj laser, chemical peels and lightening creams, over six months to even a year or more. Sunscreen usage is very important.

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Needling Used Along With Fraxel on Acne Scars

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You are just full of questions.  I have not used this technique, but please keep us informed on how it works on you.  Hyperpigmentation fades differently in individual patients related to skin type and aggresiveness of the Fraxel treatment.  Your treating physician should be able to answer this best for you.

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