Needing Butt Lift After Liposuction. Do I Have Enough Fat On My Waist and Flanks For the Lift? (photo)

I've just had lipo done on my saddlebags, butt and thighs about a week ago. I thought I would be happy with the results, however, I'm far from it. I think my surgeon took out way too much fat and left me with narrow hips and a droopy butt. I'd like to get a BBL to counter this problem ASAP. Do I have enough fat on my waist and flanks for the lift? How soon can I have the BBL? Would exercise help with loose skin around that area?

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What makes a nice Buttocks?

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It looks like you have enough fat to be transfered but the photos are not complete. Even if you did not have a lot of fat, a nice result can be be accomplished if the buttocks is shaped right and and the hips are made smaller. The look of the buttocks is a visual between the take-off of the lower back and start of the butt. It is also influenced by the discrepancy between the flanks and hips. I would recommend you speak with a PS

Brazilian butt lift after a previous liposuction

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Your photos don't show her whole trunk but from what I see I think you do have enough fat to do another liposuction and fat injection to improve the shape of the buttocks. I've done the Brazilian butt lift several patients have had liposuction before and have been able to make improvements we don't have as much fat as you would in a patient would never have liposuction but you can make a change and increase the size and shape of the buttocks.


Whenever we do liposuction and remove the saddlebags the area in the outer thighs you always make the patient less curvy and this is something patient should be aware of. When I have been patient I will hunt for fat. Liposuction arms, back flank, abdomen, inner thighs, knees and any place can find fat. Don't worry improvements are possible. It is best to wait for 6 months before you operate on an area that was previous he operated on. If you're operating on area that was not operated on in the 1st liposuction you could go back to the new area whenever you wanted to.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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