What are the most efficient methods for removing flat moles?

I have lots of flat moles on my face, and they don't bother me too much. However, there's this one mole that's looks really bad. It's worth mentioning that I'm doing this for purely cosmetic reasons. Anyways, I've been thinking of getting a surgical excision, but that leaves a pretty nasty scar for a couple of weeks. Is there any other way to get it removed? It's not that large, but it's a fairly decent size for a mole. Thanks!

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Method to remove moles from face

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Hello,Moles from the face can be removed effectively through direct excision that requires stitches and at times by shaving the mole and allowing the surrounding skin to heal over top without stitches.  Some moles also respond to laser removal as well.  Whatever the method all of them require some time to heal.  Unfortunately if the mole is bothering you significantly it may require some patience and time to heal in order for you to get a good result.  A photo would be very helpful to give you a better idea of which method would work best for you. I would recommend  and in person consultation with a plastic surgeon to find out the best options for you.Best of Luck!Dr. Rednam

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