Is this necrosis and if so what will need to be done now? (photo)

I am 3 weeks post TT. After almost 2 weeks I had to have a revision surgery due to dusky and blackening area around the incision area on the top. Now 1 week post revision I still have a small black area. If this is necrosis what will my PS need to do?

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Is this necrosis and if so what will need to be done now?

Sounds like your PS is treating you very well. Follow his/her plans and this should resolve..If still unsure seek a second opinion..

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Is this necrosis and if so what will need to be done now?

The area shown in the photo looks like it is skin necrosis. My recommendation is to apply antibiotics ointment (given you have no allergy) two to three times a day. Follow up closely with your PS. Keep the area clean at all times (avoid any contamination). Need to look for sign of infection: redness outside of the area, warmth to touch and foul smelly discharge; in extreme cases fever (temperature greater than 102.5). In majority of the cases the scar will heal by itself with time and local wound care. The end result may not be as bad as it appears now; however, if the scar appears wide once healed, it can simply be revised with good results. As long as there is no sign of infection, you need to wait and follow your PS recommendations. Best Wishes.

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Necrosis after a tummy tuck needs to be watched carefully

What is shown in the photo does appear to be necrosis of the skin. Fortunately, it does not appear to be a very large area. If you were my patient, I would probably recommend to watch it very closely at this point. I would not do any further intervention right now. Simply allow the scab to heal up. So long as it does not get infected, it will do fine if just left alone. The eschar (scab) will eventually fall off, and then it will heal from the inside out. You may need a scar revision at some point next year, but right now is too soon to tell. Make sure you follow up closely with your surgeon.

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Necrosis after a tummy tuck

If it is necrosis, the dead skin needs to be trimmed away to allow the wound to heal from the inside out. Then, if you need a scar revision it can be done 12-18 monts down the line.

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