Prominent Muscle / Extra Skin After Neck Lift

I had a face/necklift last year and it looked great. Then a couple of weeks after the surgery it looked strange. The muscle under my chin was prominent and had extra skin. The doctor did a revision under the chin and removed more skin and fat and it looked good. A couple of weeks later I had the same prominent muscle with skin show up. He says the skin is adhering to the muscle and needs to be seperated and some excised for a third surgery. I do not know what to do.

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You may wish to consult with a plastic surgeon who has interest in revisional facelift surgery, if for nothing else than peace of mind that everything was indeed done correctly. 

Hopefully you just had some bad luck with your healing and things are on the right track now. 

If you do require a revision, make sure the plan is quite clear to you and you are convinced of the doctor's credentials and experience.

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Neck problems with a facelift

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Your course of healing is not the normal one.  3 things to say:

First, it may be that your tissues are weak or are prone to scar tissue regardless of how good your surgeon is.

Second, the surgeon might be over his/her head here and not know exactly what to do (make sure they are an experienced genuine plastic surgeon)

Thirdly, do not get into a rapid crescendo of revisions as they can be like a snow ball going down hill.  Let the tissues soften, massage, and maybe seek a second opinion.

Prominent Neck Muscle after Face Lift

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The neck after lower face lift or neck lift surgery may have bands or prominent tissue, which could be excess skin, scar contracture with banding, or neck muscle. Muscle that is "tight" might be relaxed with Botox. Scarring underneath the skin might be softened with steroid injection and massage. Excess skin may need another procedure to removed the excess or possibly chin augmentation.

It's difficult to provide a more specific answer without photographs. Speak with your facelift surgeon. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a face lift surgeon help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

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Extra Skin after Neck lift

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Honestly, I'm having difficulty deciding what might be causing this to occur.  When performing a Neck Lift as part of a Face Lift, an incision is made under the chin, the skin of the neck is elevated, excess fat removed and the Platysma muscle is sewn together.  Excess skin is taken along the original skin incision and the incision is closed.  This can sometimes (in a traditional face Lift) be combined with Platysma muscle elevation and lifting on both sides of the neck.  The band, pleat or tissue irregularity that you describe could be due to residual fat, skin or an actual pleat in the Platysma muscle itself.

You may want to get a second opinion from a well experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon that has a good reputation for Face Lifts before having another surgery.

Scar contracture with banding of neck after facelift,

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This can happen to any surgeon and is not normal. As the scar contracts it bunches up the skin. You did not give the time sequence. I would try ultrasound for several weeks before any further surgery and you may wish a second opinion from an experienced facelift surgeon.

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Neck lift

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You seem to have an unusual problem after a neck lift. See a second opinion.  If your skin laxity is very abnormal, then you may need a tightening procedure.  See your surgeon and discuss with them your frustration and see what they say.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Skin and muscle problems after necklift

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Depending on the time frame after your surgery, further revision may be needed.  Indeed muscle plication with or without skin excision may be required to treat your problem.  It is important to allow excess edema to resolve and the tissues to soften with massage etc. prior to any revision.  This may take a few months.  Donald R. Nunn MD Plastic Surgeon.

Prominent muscle/extra skin after neck lift

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Your doctor may be correct that you may be a individual who has more difficulty with scarring associated with healing.  You may also be having a problem with laxity, separation or banding of the superficial muscle of the neck (platysma muscle).  If this is the case, the muscle may need to be addressed - repositioned, plicated or possibly treated with Botox.  Ask your doctor about this.  Your are also entitled to a second opinion from another physician and I would get this second opinion before proceeding with a third neck lift surgery.

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