Is It Possible to Have a Necklift with Muscles Tightened Without an Incision Under the Chin?

under the the chin? If it is possible, what would be the negatives in performing it this way? A friend said she had it done, though I have not seen her in person. She said it was done through the skin without an incision. It didn't make sense to me, hence the question to the experts. Please advise. Thank you.

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Neck lift

The incision under the neck is very helpful to tighten the muscle if bands have occurred. If not, then incisions near the ear will suffice.

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Neck Lift without incision under the chin

This is possible most of the time. For many years Plastic Surgeons thought it necessary to make an incision under the chin to sew the platysma muscle edges together or resect them in order to get an attractive neck. Several years ago a European surgeon demonstrated that the major problem was laxity of a ligament from under the ear to the posterior border of the platysma muscle. By resuspending the muscle properly, the majority of people can have their necks corrected without a sub-mental incision.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Tightening the neck while avoiding an incision under the chin

There are options, depending on whether you have platysmal banding and how bad it is.  Neck contour can be much improved through the facelift incisions around the ears, even without the under-chin incision.  Those bands beneath the chin will still be improved.  If they are severe, then you'll probably need the incision under the chin.  There are percutaneous methods to cut the bands without an incision, and there are various procedures to suspend the muscle with threads of suture, avoiding incisions.  Get two or three opinions.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD
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Necklift without the incision under the chin.

You will not get a long term improvement in the neck without the incision under the chin. You can tighten the muscle but the cords in the neck will recur unless they are removed or the patient has no cording.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Necklifting can be done through incisions around the earlobe

Not all necks are the same or need the same type of procedure to bring out the most youthful look. For some the neck muscles only need a little tightening than can be done from the incision around the ear lobe.  Many people do not have neck muscle separation under the chin and don't require tightening in the front. However if the muscle are separated and the digastric muscles need thinning and the neck muscle are shorter it might be better to have an incision under the chin to address the specific anatomy that exist in order to achieve the result one might be seeking.  Hope this helps.  Talk with your plastic surgeon to see what they think about your anatomy specifically. 

Charles Perry, MD
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Necklifts typically require an incision under the chin, but can be done without one.  Incisions are also made behind the ears and may be extended in front of the earlobe.  The incisions behind the ears is where the excess skin is removed during a necklift.  If you have significant platysmal bands (the cords in the front of the neck) or excess fat under the chin, a small submental incision (under the chin) will need to be made in order to perform liposuction or correct the bands.

Etai Funk, MD
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Incisions for neck lift

The incisions depend on many factors including your extent of neck aging, previous surgery / scars, the plastics surgeon's technique used and desired improvement. The neck muscles (i.e. platysma muscle) can be tightened from the sides gaining access through the incisions hidden within the crease behind the ears. This will provide some improvement. Unfortunately, these access points are far away from the real problem area which is at the neck midline. And although it may be easy to tighten the skin with the fingers backwards, it is much harder to provide this as a lasting necklift result.

Therefore, it can be done but it definitely does not represent the gold standard. In 95% of my patients , the extent and longevity of this limited neck improvement does not meet the patient's and my expectations and is best reserved for young people (or patients with minimal neck issues). At the end, the under-chin incision heals very well and, in the long run, it is certainly worth the extra effort.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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Neck lift

If you have muscle bands in the midline, the only way to treat them appropriately would be through a submental incision.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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