What treatment would you recommend for a Neck Wrinkles at only 20 years old? (photo)

Im a 20 year old male and I believe ive had neck wrinkles since I was 18. They are pretty deep and I dont know what to do. I've been using retin A for 2 years now and havent seen much result, if anything theyve gotten a bit worse. The strange part is one of the lines on my neck looks like stretched skin, theres no hair there its just a light colored line creasing across my skin. and when I lower my neck it disappears. Is it possible these are stretch marks?

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Neck Wrinkles: Try Pelleve

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Pelleve is a great option for tightening the skin on the neck and reducing what some patients call "tree rings".  Three to four treatments are recommended.  

It's doubtful that those are stretch marks.  If you tan easily, creases that form when you are bending your neck to read, etc. would get less sun and appear "whiter" than the surrounding skin.  Be sure you are using a full-spectrum SPF daily, rain or shine, especially if you are using Retin A. 


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