Should I Have Neck Tuck Redone Considering I Have Extreme Discomfort from Left Side of Face (Near my Ear) Down my Neck?

it has been 4 years since surgery and though I still look good my neck is sagging. PS agrees and recommends a tuck, free of charge. I must have nerve damage with this much tingling and tightness and hesitant about causing more damage. What suggestions do you have. Saw a neurologist but nothing was definitive. Picture to follow

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Nerve Discomfort

You should definitely ask your plastic surgeon if you could have nerve damage from you previous surgery. The sutures used to tighten the muscle could be putting pressure on the nerve and causing discomfort. Adjusting these suspensory sutures could help alleviate the problem.

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Nerve Repair May Relieve Your Symptoms After Facelift


This is just a guess, but you may have a cut greater auricular nerve on the left, and the resultant neuroma may be giving you these symptoms.  Exploring the area and repairing the nerve, or burying the neuroma in muscle, may help.

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