My Neck and Sides of my Face Are Sore and Stretched 7 Months After Face and Neck Lift. Why is that?

To an outsider I look perfectly normal but I am in constant pain and discomfort. Superficial sensory sensation is in tact and the affected areas feel soft and pliable to deep touch. But I feel choked and tight and sore and like prickly heat along the sides of my face and my entire neck. I thought you doctors said at 6 months after a neck and face lift I would feel normal! What is going on? I had a modified MAC lift with a platysmaplasty with a board certified plastic surgeon. Please, do not say go back to my plastic surgeon.

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Nerve pain post neck lift

What you are describing is likely due to irritated sensory (feeling) nerves.  This can take over  year to improve and in some cases may never fully improve.  There are medications that a neurologist can prescribe to help you cope with the discomfort

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Healing is not done at 6 months but most of it is

Healing is about 60% complete after 6 weeks, and 80-90% complete at 6 months. You are likely experiencing your nerves recovering. This sounds normal to me and it will get better with some more time.

Philip Young, MD
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Post op Face Lift neck discomfort

Your symptoms are unusual for this stage in your recovery. Since it seems that you do not wish to see the surgeon who operated on you, perhaps it would be best to seek the opinion of one or two other plastic surgeons in your area for their opinion as to what is going on.

Russell W. H. Kridel, MD
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My face and neck are stretched and ache 7 months after face and neck Lift.

I have performed Face and Neck Lifts for over 20 years and something isn't right.  You have very vague symptoms that on the surface do not lend themselves to anything that makes sense after your face and neck lift.  The skin and deeper tissue appear normal but you describe a deeper sensation that doesn't fit your procedures.  You should ask your Face Lift surgeon if anything out of the ordinary was done during your Face suspension sutures, PPR sprays to heal healing...something to explain these symptoms that at 7 months are highly unusual.  Failing all of that, IMHO, you should see an immunologist for a medical workup to see what's causing this hightened body response.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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