Bulge Under Chin After Neck Liposuction

I am into day 4 after having neck liposuction. I just had the one incision under my chin, and had the fat removed from just under my chin and surrounding area. I am just worried as there is still a bulge under my chin. Is this swelling? or do I still have a slight double chin? I am worried that the lipo hasn't worked! is it possible that not enough fat was removed?

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Most likely swelling

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It is very common to have swelling under the chin for weeks and even months after liposuction of the neck.  You will see continued improvement for up to 6 months after the procedure.  Massage often helps as it is a dependent area and tends to collect edema.

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Final neck lipo results for double chin takes 6 weeks

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4 days is far too early to tell if fat was left behind after neck liposuction to remove a double chin.

The swelling is most likely blood and fluid that will resolve over the next few weeks.

Generally, after liposuction in any area, it takes 6-8 weeks for swelling to resolve and to get an idea of the final result.

Speak with your surgeon and if she/he agrees then massage of the area may help remove the swelling. I usually have patients wear a compressive chin garment after neck liposuction fro a week to 10 days to help with this problem. If any fat was left behind, your doctor can easily remove it in the future, especially in the neck region.

4 days is enough to tell

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All of the possibilities that you have mentioned could be the cause of the bulge. However, after 4 days you will not be able to tell. Follow your surgeon's recommendations and have him or her examine it. Most likely it is some swelling of the remaining fat tissue that will continue to get better for several months.

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Bulge not normal 4 days after neck liposuction.

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See your surgeon right away. You might have a hematoma or a seroma in your neck which needs to be drained.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Too early to tell

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You will have swelling, and there may be a fullness due to the wound closure.  It is unlikely lipo failed, however after swelling has resolved and you are better healed, you may either be fine, or there may be a residual fat fullness.  Your doctor will be able to reassure you.


Impossible to say

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Ask these questions of your surgeon. it is probably too early to tell but he would know how much was suctioned and what the quality of skin is. It could be residual fat, hanging skin, or even a complication like hematoma. Have your surgeon explain what he thinks is happening and what his expectations are if the surgery was successful. Some results might be limited and a residual bulge acceptable. Of course, any limitations should have been discussed pre-op.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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